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Hi, I’m Omar Alli and I own Calamity Buffs where we offer you our green supplement that can help minimize the negative effects of diet lacing in fruits and vegetables.


packed with all natural fruits and vegetables in powdered...

Necessary Supplement

one of the must have supplement for body building  

No Side Effects

since it is made of fruits and vegetables, no side ...

Added Benefits

this line of supplement will help neutralize your blood ...

Is Extreme Bodybuilding A Sport?

Is extreme bodybuilding really a sport? That is a one million dollar worth question and has long been a hot topic for debate, especially to people ...

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What People Say

I know that fruits and vegetables should be included in our diet. But we all know we can’t eat every vegetable our body needs. It is good that with Calamity Buffs, the rest of us will benefit from having a greens supplement on hand to help pick up the slack.

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